Fernwood Ultra Fernwood Ultra

Mindfulness, motivation and high intensity movement. Fernwood Ultra is all about balance - creating a healthy body and healthy mind.

Opening in Geelong City, Fernwood Ultra is the latest evolution in women's fitness. We've combined exercise and wellness to suit your individual needs on any given day.

Whether you're looking for a sweat-inducing workout, a calming yoga session supported by guided meditation, or a female fitness community who will have your back, you'll find it here at Fernwood Ultra.

The place where energy and serenity connect.


Healthy body

Breathe in.

This is high-energy. So power up, it's time to get started. 

Energise through exercise.

For 30-minutes, give your all to workouts that combine strength and high intensity interval training. This is FIIT30. Challenge yourself. Give that extra 10 per cent. And as you wipe the sweat from your forehead, you'll feel the difference. Fitter, stronger, ready to take on the world. 

Perhaps spin is your thing. Hit the virtual open road as you cycle uphill, downhill and across scenic mountain roads in Ultra's spin sessions. Feel the burn and let it drive you.

For some one-on-one motivation and a fitness plan tailored to you, book a session* with one of our experienced personal trainers (additional cost).

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Healthy mind

Breathe out.

Let it all go. The gentle side of Fernwood Ultra, learn to manage stress and greet challenges with confidence. Feel the release and start to relax. 

Calm through wellness.

Restore your inner calm in our dedicated wellness space. Join our six-week wellness program 'Empower' (additional cost), be guided through meditation, or simply sit and sip warm herbal tea.

In the yoga studio, stretch your mind and body through a range of live and virtual group sessions, including Barre, Pilates, meditation and stretch.

As an Ultra member, you'll also have unlimited access to our reformer Pilates classes, where you can experience a wide variety of exercises to promote overall coordination, strength, flexibility and balance, while relaxing your muscles and soothing your mind.

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Ultra benefits

As an Ultra member, you can kick back and chat in the Members' Lounge, find your Zen in the Meditation Room, and focus on your mental wellbeing in the Wellness Space.

You'll be supported by a team of fitness and wellness professional, first-class change rooms and bathrooms, and regular member events where we discuss topics with women in mind.

Events will include guided information sessions on a range of topics, from body image and self-esteem, to menopause and menstruation, post-baby blues and communicating with teenagers.

At Ultra, it's all about women’s wellness.

Healthy balance

Find the balance between fitness and wellness that works for you. Every woman is different, but we're all here to support each other.

Find your balance, at Fernwood Ultra.