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The Empower program has been designed especially for women, by women to support a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Wellbeing refers to having a positive state of mental health, general feelings of happiness and life satisfaction. We know from research that how we think and feel impacts many areas of our lives from motivation for exercise, relationship dynamics and even financial stability. With stress, anxiety, burnout and mental illness becoming present in our everyday lives, there is no doubt that working on mental and emotional wellbeing has never been more important.

At Fernwood we believe in ‘flexing the wellness muscle’ and it is through our world-first Empower programs we teach mental and emotional ‘fitness’ to assist in areas of stress management, sleep health, mindfulness and meditation, values alignment and self-care. Whether your goals are fitness focused, health focused, or wellbeing focused, Empower can equip you with the mental and emotional tools needed to succeed.

Women join the Empower programs for different reasons, but each leave positively equipped to support their own wellbeing through the understanding and management of stress and anxiety, the creation of values-based goals and desires as well as self-acceptance practices of loving kindness.

Each week has a different theme and activities to support women to identify sources of stress, anxiety and burnout. But that’s not all. Empower is built around foundations of discovering self-love and care, creating connections with other people, mindfulness and the simple joys of practicing gratitude.

Meditation, mindfulness, motivation and more. Empower Online is what we like to call wellness for the modern woman.

Empower programs

Every woman is different, that’s why we offer different streams of the Empower program, so you can suit the one that best suits you.

Empower 6-week

Step into six weeks of our holistic wellbeing experience, where you can find calm and clarity through positive psychology tools including growth mindset, values elicitation, self-care, loving kindness and the creation of meaningful goals for overall health and wellbeing.

Each week, we invite you to live weekly wellness workshops either in-club or online, where we will explore how to understand and manage stress, and other factors that derail us from feeling good. Our 6-week program includes supplementary own time activities, yoga poses, meditations, and more, plus we have created a special mood food recipe eBook to support body and mind nourishment.

Empower Intensive

The retreat experience, Empower Intensive is our powerful accelerated two-day program designed for complete body and mind exploration.

Start each day with a meditation, followed by a dynamic yoga practice to invigorate the mind and body before a healthy Mediterranean-inspired breakfast. The days continue with workshops, meditations, yoga, fitness and of course more delicious, nutritious food and finish with a massage of the senses with a sound healing meditation or our restful and restorative yin yoga and yoga nidra.

No matter which journey you choose, you will receive access to our online learning space, as well as an Empower journal to support your wellbeing journey, filled with activities, space to note your goals and ambitions, and loads of good vibes.

Designed for women's wellbeing

Empower has been created for any woman who would like to:

  • Bring more peace, balance & confidence into every day
  • Manage stress & work-life balance
  • Improve sleep
  • Overcome low self-esteem & regular negative self-talk
  • Align values & goals in both your personal & professional lives
  • Boost emotional intelligence
  • Feel supported in making positive changes in your life
  • Introduce more mindfulness into your life
  • Learn how to positively manage thoughts & feelings
  • Start living in alignment with your true self

Join Empower

Interested in joining Empower, or getting more information? Simply click the button below.

Empower is a program created uniquely for Fernwood in conjunction with Deakin University and although it is based on scientific principles of mental health and psychology, Empower is by no means a therapy program. It is a coaching program designed to support and guide participants without judgement and without giving biased advice.

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