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Want to lose weight and save money? Make your own lunch.

Want to lose weight and save money? Make your own lunch.

Buying your lunch may be convenient, but there’s no doubt that making your own is one of the easiest ways to take care of your new year’s diet and budget resolutions in the one hit.

Firstly, because you know the ingredients, you won’t be blindsided by fat-laden nasties such as mayo, butter or deep-fried chicken. Secondly, it’s generally far cheaper to make something healthy at home.

It doesn’t have to take up much time either. Think of soups – left to bubble on the stove for hours on the weekend, then frozen in portions that can easily be transported to work for a blast in the microwave. Or salads, thrown together in the morning from ingredients that you have already prepped the night before. This is where leftovers from dinner come into their own – this quinoa salad and these zucchini fritters are both perfect for lunch or dinner.

For those who don’t have time for a leisurely pre-work breakfast, then homemade muesli bars are a great option. These can double as lunch, or as a snack. Snacks are often a big honeypot of temptation for an otherwise healthy eater, so if you often find yourself wandering towards the vending machine in search of a cure for the munchies, then it’s wise to keep some healthy options on hand – think homemade trail mix (without the chocolate) with a blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Or clear away the clutter on your desk and replace it with a basket of fruit and snackable vegies – replenish it religiously at the start of each week and use it as a constant reminder of your recommended daily intake. 

Words by Victoria Heywood