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10 Creative ways to stay motivated to exercise this winter

Exercising in the cold

If you like to hibernate during the cooler months, you’re not alone. Limited daylight hours and chilly temperatures make heading outdoors for a workout, or even just heading outdoors to get to the gym, a very unappealing prospect! But maintaining your fitness is just as important in the cooler months as it is during summer. Here are some creative ways to keep you motivated to move until the sun starts shining again! 

1. Picture yourself being warm

You might have whinged about feeling ‘too hot’ during the February heat wave, but you’d give anything to feel that way again while you’re warming your near-frostbitten hands over a steaming cup of hot tea! Well you can – just head off to your Fernwood’s next BodyAttack, Cycle or Sh’Bam class to get your body temperature soaring.

2. Invest in cute workout wear

Shielding yourself against the elements in your 10-year-old tattered tracksuit won’t provide the same amount of wind and rain protection as a brand-spanking-new sports jacket from your favourite sportswear designer. Treat yourself to cute outdoor workout gear to get you to and from the gym in style and comfort... and you’ll be more likely to go.

3. Sign up for a fun run

Sign up for a spring fun run to keep you motivated through the wet and rainy weather. Work with a PT to create mini running goals each week to keep you on track for the big event.

4. Plan a bikini vacation

There’s nothing like knowing you’ll be sporting a bikini in two month’s time to ensure you turn up to that Pump class. Book a holiday somewhere warm that will require some serious bikini wearing – it doesn’t need to be an exotic far-away island, it could just be a weekend away with your significant other in your state’s nearest wine and thermal spring region.

5. Have more sex with the lights on

Getting your kit off in front of your loved one will bring the body your woolly jumper hides to the forefront of your mind. Keep up a regular love-making schedule to tune in with your naked body over the chilly months, and burn a few kilojoules while you’re at it.

6. Check-in to the gym on Facebook before you leave the office

Finding motivation to head to the gym after work can be even more difficult when it’s already dark outside come 5pm. If you’re an afternoon gym-goer, check-in to your Fernwood gym on Facebook BEFORE you leave work. You’ll already be committed to the workout before the darkness turns you off.

7. Meet with friends

The warm sunny months provide ample reasons to meet friends outdoors for a drink. But what happens when the clouds descend? Keep your social life active by swapping evening pinot grigios for a weekly Sh’bam or Zumba class. You’ll get to hang out with your best friends, enjoy loads of giggles together, and burn some kilojoules at the same time!

8. Wear your workout gear... everywhere

Stylish workout gear can take you from a morning brunch with friends, to the shops and to the gym. And if you’re sporting comfortable shoes and weatherproof gear, you’ll feel more inclined to walk from place to place, rather than using the car.

9. Rediscover your old fitness DVDs

While these are rarely as motivating as the real deal, fitness DVDs can get you moving in the comfort of your own home when you wouldn’t exercise otherwise. You’ll soon remember how good working out feels – and be off to the gym in no time!

10. Get a PT

If there’s no way you’re leaving the house without an appointment – make one! Why not outsource your motivation over the winter months to one of our friendly Fernwood Personal Trainers? A Personal Trainer will push you to work harder than you normally would. And you never know, you might even learn a few moves you can use when the summer months roll around again.

Image: lululemon/Flickr