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Strength Training For Women

Fernwood know that one of the best forms of exercise that women can do is strength training. We don’t fuss around and call it by other names – because we know that strong women are typically leaner and healthier. But not all strength training is equal. The equipment does matter and so does the type and intensity of the exercise you do.

Weight Machines

Rather than other cheap hydraulic equipment – where you plateau after a short while – Fernwood weight machines allow you to progress. Progression to heavier weights is an essential component of strength training. If you just do more of the same weights without increasing the weight you are training for endurance, not strength, and after a while you won’t get the results you want.

Free Weights

Weight machines are a great place to start out and allow you to progress, but after a while, using ‘free weights’ (dumbbells and barbells) will take your workout to the next level. To get the best result in the shortest amount of time, the more muscles you engage in the one exercise, the better. With many free weight exercises you engage your stomach and back muscles too – so you can say goodbye to sit-ups!

We recommend that women focus on multi-joint strength exercises – this way you engage more muscles, burn more energy, increase your metabolism and get greater overall benefit.

Every Fernwood club makes a big investment in ensuring that we have the right fitness and weights equipment to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We don’t joke around – your time is valuable, so don’t be fooled by ‘quick solutions’ that aren’t half as effective as a Fernwood strength training workout.

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