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Exercise and Pregnancy

How to stay looking and feeling fab when you’re pregnant

Your waistline is missing in action, your back aches, you can smell things in the next suburb and you have developed a tendency to be vague…..or somethingerother.

But can you still exercise? Absolutely – this is your guide to exercising and keeping fit during pregnancy.

So, what can you expect now that you’ve got a bun in the oven, I hear you ask?

Your body is going to go through some HUGE changes over the next 9 months – that’s for sure! Now is not the time to start thinking about losing weight. Gaining around 10-15kg is normal through pregnancy so embrace your body’s changes and focus on eating healthy foods to sustain the healthy growth and development of your bub.

You'll become ultra flexible

Your joints will gradually loosen up in preparation for the birth. A hormone called relaxin is released into you which means you’ll be able to bend it better than Beckham! As fun as this may sound, you do need to be careful as stretching too far may cause injury - so be careful.

What woman doesn't want to feel supported?

Yes, your boobs are going to get bigger (and more tender) during pregnancy, so it’s essential that you wear a well-fitted sports bra. Let’s do our best to defy gravity!

Eating for two

While your food consumption will increase making the right choices for your energy and the health of you and your baby is essential. The right foods, the appropriate nutrients and enjoying fresh and healthy produce is key.

Your body has to work harder

You’ll soon notice that what used to be an easy jog is getting much harder on your body. Your heart will pump harder and you’ll sweat more. Just slow down and listen to your body and chat to your trainer about the right intensity levels for you. Remember these vary through the trimesters of pregnancy!

General exercise safety guidelines

  • Check with you doctor before you begin anything
  • Exercise at a comfortable level where you can maintain a conversation
  • Do not exercise if you have fever
  • Stop and see your doctor if you experience bleeding, swelling, pain, dizziness or nausea
  • Avoid lying on your back after the third month
  • Avoid straining or stretching to the point of discomfort
  • Wear proper footwear and dress in loose fitting layers.
  • Avoid hot and humid conditions
  • Drink lots of water
  • Listen to your body, it knows best

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