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Food Coaching

Have you ever noticed that perhaps both you and a friend who share virtually the same BMI, exercise habits and diet, lose such vastly different amounts of weight? It’s all to do with body type.

Fernwood’s Food Coaching program has embraced this science, and we are seeing better results in our members than ever before. Find out why below;

The Three Body Types

Food Coaching Three Body Types

The three body types are the apple, pear and ruler. You may already know which one you are, if not, you can easily find out by using our body type questionnaire.
[Download our body type questionnaire PDF here]

Each unique body type requires a different balance of macronutrients – carbs, protein and fat – to function optimally throughout the day. When we get that balance wrong, we disrupt our hormonal balance, resulting in upset sleep patterns, a higher risk of a range of disorders, and excess weight. So if you’re finding it hard to shift those extra kilos, it’s a possibility you have that balance wrong.

Understanding your body type is the key to longer lasting health, wellbeing and weight management.

When you eat for your body type, you will:

  • optimise your metabolism
  • increase your energy levels
  • improve your digestion
  • balance your hormones
  • sleep better
  • and enhance your fat burning potential!
  • optimise your metabolism
What we give you:
  • full body type assessment
  • weekly one-on-one support
  • body type specific recipes
  • body type specific meal plans
  • seasonal cooking ideas
  • tips for eating out
  • weekly weigh-ins (to help keep you accountable to your goals)
  • plus the skills and emotional support you need to combat your biggest food challenges

Available at participating clubs only. Contact your local Fernwood here for more information and session times.

Food Coaching Three Body Types

Fernwood Food Coaching is a member of the Weight Management Council of Australia (WMCA)

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