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Is walking or running better; peak vs plateau; am vs pm. Listen to our fitness Q&A with Fernwood personal trainer of the year Kara.

Can we just start by saying, our guest on the latest episode of the Fernwood Fitness podcast is an AWARD-WINNING personal trainer. She has been part of the team at Fernwood Tullamarine for over 19 years, holds a fourth dan black belt in karate, studied a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement, has run half and full marathons, and was last year awarded the highly coveted Fernwood Fitness Personal Trainer of the year. Say hello to the marvellous Kara.

From a young age, Kara knew fitness was going to play a significant part of her future - and she certainly carries a lot of impressive fitness credentials! Every day she dedicates her career to supporting women to get fitter, stronger and more confident in themselves.

“I love see seeing that women can achieve goals that they didn’t dream possible,” she says.

As an expert in women’s health and fitness, we invited Kara onto the podcast to some questions we see pop up frequently from our female audience. One thing we always get asked is, ‘which is better for you, walking or running?’, so we posed this question to Kara. An avid runner, Kara’s answer might surprise you.

We also often have members ask about the time of day they train and whether this has any impact on results. Some people insist a morning workout is best for fat burning, while others say after a meal is best. Kara talks about the pros and cons of each, and some important things to consider when deciding to bounce out of bed or snooze the alarm in favour of an afternoon workout.

Answering popular questions from the community, Kara delves into top tips for setting a fitness routine, learning to love your workouts, progressive overload and avoiding plateau, and the importance of stepping off the scales and focusing on how you feel.

We are so excited for you to listen! Search for Women Supporting Women podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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If you want a personalised workout tailored to you, need support and advice to improve your form and technique, are looking to learn new exercises, are returning to training after some time away, or need someone to spot and support you in strength training, then personal training is for you. Fernwood personal training is designed to give our members the best, targeted results in shorter timeframe that is sustainable long-term.

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