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Strengthening your glutes, AKA, how to get afirmer booty 

Did you know, your glutes are made up of three major muscles? The gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. Glute strength has a huge impact on the overall strength of your body, and it is extremely important to maintain for muscle balance and mobility. That’s why it is highly recommended you train your glutes at least twice a week. 

Now just like doing hundreds of sit ups every day won’t give you a six pack, squatting your heart out isn’t going to give you a strong, sculpted booty either. Not to mention, it can also be pretty boring! 

There are many reasons why people experience weakened glutes, but one of the most common is because many of us are living more sedentary lives, with many jobs today involve sitting down for a large part of the day. This means that the glutes can become more dormant or sleepy than they should. 

So be sure to get them fired up with some of these quick tips from the wonderful Lisa! Tune into the Fernwood Podcast and listen to another fabulous episode. Simply search for Fernwood Shine on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, click download, and listen in.

Plus, here are 5 exercises for stronger glutes.

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