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The power of Pilates: Keeping your body youthful, flexible & fierce

What do you know about Pilates? You’ve no doubt heard the term – you may have also heard a lot about reformer Pilates – and while you may be thinking ‘that type of exercise just isn’t for me’, this podcast may be just what you need to change your mind.

If you’ve never practiced Pilates before, trust us when we say it’s not as easy as all the Instagram influencers may it look. As our lovely guest Sherilee will attest to, Pilates is ripe for beginners, but it’s certainly not what we’d classify as an ‘easy’ workout. Control, mind-body connection and flexibility – just a few of the core components of Pilates practice.

Developed by Joseph Pilates many moons ago, Pilates is practiced the world-over and even if our very own Fernwood Fitness clubs. On the podcast, Fernwood Pilates instructor Sherilee explains the key muscle groups worked in Pilates, and how it can be difficult to target these muscles through other forms of workouts.

An expert on the topic, as well as a convert to the wellness workout, Sherilee talks about how she overhauled her regular fitness routine and found herself searching for something energetically different. Pilates challenged her body in a way she hadn’t experienced previously, and soon she found herself captivated by the new classes.

Sherilee was an avid weightlifter; strength training a key component of her routine. Through Pilates, she managed to maintain the muscles she had built up previously. And while she says a plank minute is certainly much longer than a microwave winner – right?! – she has fallen in love with the practice.

So if you love to move your body and mind, or what to find motivation to try something new in 2021, listen to Sherilee talk about Pilates, the key differences and similarities between standard classes and reformer Pilates, and keeping your body youthful, flexible and fierce.

Want to know more about reformer Pilates? Check out the details here.

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