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In this week’s episode of our Women Supporting Women podcast, host Mel chats with the lovely Mikaila about strength training, exercise splits – this one’s about routine, not gymnastics – calorie deficit, rest days and muscle repair, and why lifting weights won’t suddenly make you look like a bodybuilder - unless this is your goal and you have a very specific food and fitness routine in place.

Whether you’ve been hitting the gym for years, have just signed up for your gym membership, or you're somewhere in between, Fernwood Personal Trainer Mikaila shares her wealth of knowledge about fitness and wellness training, and busts a few common fitness myths too! 

“It’s not that easy to get that really big look,” Mikaila says in relation to weight training, which is still so often incorrectly associated with ‘bulking up’. “I think what people need to know is that, doing weights will actually give people that toned appearance.”

Also a qualified and experienced Food Coach, Mikaila delves into calorie intake and calorie deficit, explaining the often strict energy intake required to achieve the ‘bodybuilder’ look, and how this is often a short lived experience for those aiming for this type of physical physique.

As a woman who has experienced many of the benefits of lifting weights regularly, Mikaila talks us through how often we should consider training a week, and all those lovely benefits we can experience as a result of regular strength training. She also touches on other forms of exercise that can help to build and maintain strength that don’t involve lifting barbells and dumbbells. 

She also talks about the importance of rest days, and what we should actually do on the days we’re told to take a rest.

Time to dive in, we hope you love the latest episode! You can also listen via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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