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To shop or not to shop: Navigating EOFY sales

We have a very special guest on the podcast today, our Fernwood Fitness Chief Financial Officer Donna. Donna is a business and finance wizard, with 18 years of knowledge and experience under her belt. She is joining our podcast today to discuss money and getting ready for tax time, plus tips on navigating EOFY sales and shopping habits. Donna explains these very important topics in easy-to-understand language, which is one of the many reasons everyone in the Fernwood community appreciates Donna so much!

Whether you choose to agree with her or not, Donna says sometimes we need to walk away without buying that new pair of shoes or those super cute sports leggings. And even though our hearts are breaking, she has a solid point, so stay with us! Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean we need it or that we can afford the item even at the discounted rate. But it’s not all bad news, we promise. Donna explains how you can utilise the EOFY sales to your advantage, and ways to manage your money to avoid breaking the bank.

Apart from the sales, EOFY is more importantly a time to prepare for the tax season. Donna shares suggestions on being prepared for completing and lodging a tax return, and things to keep in mind about deductions, especially if you have been working from home during the last financial year. A wealth of knowledge, Donna also discusses why it is so important to have a solid understanding of your finance and tax all year-round. And because she is such a gem, she also shares her tips for money management and budgeting so we can (hopefully!) still afford those shoes on sale.

You can also listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, by searching 'Women Supporting Women'.

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