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Many of our listeners may know today’s guest from popular reality tv dating show, Married At First Sight, or MAFS is it’s known by fans of the show. That’s right, we’re being joined by relationship expert and confidence coach Melanie Schilling, who is also a qualified specialist in human behavioural performance and purpose.

Early on, Melanie craved a career in advertising and creativity, but found herself pursuing a psychology degree and became a registered psychologist. Initially she worked in welfare and family violence, and then pivoted and pursued a career in the corporate world. 

Through her work, she was naturally gravitating towards helping people tap into courage and expanding on their comfort zones to help them flourish in life. A few years down the track, and after meeting her own partner, she decided to specialise in the dating space and became accredited as a dating coach.

Melanie obviously knows a thing or two about relationships, and she is joining our Women Supporting Women podcast to chat about you guessed it – relationships. In a world where swiping left and right, online profiles, and ghosting are commonplace, Melanie chats about common tell-tale signs that someone is not interested in a relationship, ‘orbiting’, and how to recognise signs before investing too heavily.

She explains that when it comes to finding a partner, some people are set on specific physical attributes or have a long list of requirements from a relationship. How many deal breakers do you have for a new relationship? Melanie talks about the difference between non-negotiable deal breakers and relationship preferences. 

She delves into grieving a relationship when it ends, maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other for love and longevity, as well as managing platonic relationships with friends. 

We are so pleased to have Melanie joining us on the podcast, and we can’t wait for all our lovely listeners to tune in. You can also listen via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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