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Actor, fashion enthusiast, plus-size model, Fernwood ambassador and advocate for loving the skin you’re in – just a few of the many ways to describe the delightful, candid and passionate Suzie Stevens. Suzie joined Fernwood about six years ago, she says, as a way to punish her body, but soon found a way to shift her mind frame to focus on celebrating all of the incredible things her body was capable of, rather than what her body looked like.

Suzie has taken a seat in the guest chair of the Fernwood podcast this week to chat with fabulous Fernwood host Caitlin, about how she got started in the fast-paced world of fashion modelling. Some days wearing super comfy sneakers, and other days in high heels, Suzie says every day on set is a new and enlivening experience.

As a plus-sized model, Suzie is zealous about being a representation for size diversity, advocating that every woman should be able to feel comfortable about the skin they’re in. “I get to represent women who are so often forgotten and unrepresented in the fashion industry…representing the wonderful plus sized women of this planet.”

Suzie shares some wise words about responding to commentary online, and why she has become her own biggest fan. She admits she still feel a wave of excitement when she walks into a store and sees her own face on screen representing a brand – which at times has led to an ecstatic video call to her mum to share the excitement.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Suzie. Tune into this week’s episode of Women Supporting Women to listen to Suzie’s story – we can’t wait for you to hear it!

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