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Listen to our latest Fernwood Fitness podcast with your 2021 fitness guide about fitness routines, exercise results, and rest days.

From the gym floor to the lounge room, Fernwood National Group Fitness Coordinator and Personal Trainer Lisa initially said no to leading online Fernwood Facebook Live workouts in 2020, a little daunted by the idea of people from all around Australia – and even a few audience members abroad – tuning in to workout with her from their homes. We were so glad – as were so many women – when Lisa changed her mind, and has now become synonymous with our Fernwood Live workouts, along with a few other lovely Fernwood trainers.

As a young girl, Lisa was a passionate dancer, so when she started her certificate three in personal training, she already had a solid fitness foundation. Instantly, Lisa fell in love with group fitness – the energy, encouragement and empowerment. She went on to completed her certificate four in fitness, enabling her to become a personal trainer. As a new mum, she adored the flexibility that came with this type of work, while also being able to support other women and mums along their journeys.

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With around 15 years of experience in the fitness and health space, Lisa has joined our Fernwood podcast to answer a few burning questions from our audience starting with how often we should exercise each week, types of workouts, as well as the all-important rest days. Lisa discusses establishing a routine, and how long it typically takes to see training results – from weight loss to muscle mass and even increased energy levels.

A wealth of health and fitness knowledge, Lisa also shares advice for how to get fitter, avoiding plateau and what to do on a rest day. We can’t wait for you to tune in and have a listen to the lovely Lisa! Listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or below!

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