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There are few things we adore more than women's activewear - squats and deadlifts maybe - so we were thrilled to host two powerhouse businesswomen on our Fernwood Fitness podcast to chat about sustainable and recycled sports leggings, bras, and their shared love of aerobics.

On our latest podcast, we are interviewing Vera Yan and Katia Santilli. If their names sound familiar, they should! These incredible women are the founders of the uber-sustainable activewear brand, Nimble. The two met in high school, and found commonality in their shared love of RnB and aerobics. They each went down separate career paths after high school, but soon found themselves back together chatting about exercise, activewear and a newfound interest in sustainability. In their own words, friends who sweat together, stay together – we couldn’t adore this, or agree, more! 

We never really envisioned wearing tights and a bra made from recycled materials, let alone plastic bottles, so we were uber excited to learn more about how these businesswomen landed on this concept, and why it was so important to be part of the growing environmentally-conscious business movement. In their own words, conscious clothing has become the core of their company ethos. We can all agree that we should be doing our utmost to protect our planet, so we asked the Vera and Katia the burning questions, like, where on earth do you find material for tanks and tights made from plastic bottles?! We know there are so many innovative products coming out now produced from recycling efforts, so we were very eager to find out more.

We adored having Vera and Katia join us on the podcast, and we can’t wait for you to tune in and have a listen. Simply search for Women Supporting Women on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

We adore reformer Pilates

One thing we adore just as much as new activewear is reformer Pilates. Reformer Pilates is an invigorating, strengthening and core-building group class for women, which involves a range of dynamic exercises to promote coordination, flexibility, balance, core strength and mind-body balance.

Find out more about Reformer Pilates.

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