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There’s a common misconception that the practice of meditation is about completely clearing the mind, but as both our lovely host Emma, and podcast guest Bev tell us, meditation is a way relaxing the body while simultaneously focusing the mind to find calm and contentment – a safe space to connect with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The ever-insightful Bev Marsh is a Wellness Coach at Fernwood, as well as trained meditation teacher, with a background in nursing, midwifery and health services. And her voice is ever so soothing to listen to, which is why towards the end of this fabulous episode, as an extra little bonus for our lovely listeners, Bev has kindly offered to guide a five-minute meditation. Make sure you tune in for this part and find a comfortable seat to enjoy the practice.

Before we get to the meditation, Emma and Bev delve into the varying types of practice and why certain approaches may work better for some rather than others. We know meditation is not a cookie cutter practice, and there are many different methods and philosophies all around the world. If you have tried meditation previously and decided it wasn’t for you, perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. The benefits are many and varied, as you’ll hear more about in this episode.

If you’re a newcomer to meditation, or perhaps a tad apprehensive, Bev suggests by starting out with a walking meditation, a practice that stems from mindfulness. She says often by dipping your toe into mindfulness – observing moments in detail and focusing on the present – you may find meditation easier to jump into.

Bev touches on how we have all experienced meditation at different points throughout our lives, relaxing the body to relax the mind, how to approach the practice if you feel that you ‘can’t meditate’, tuning into our senses for healing, and observing the simple sensation of your feet touching the ground.

Thank you so much Bev for sharing your wonderful insights on our Fernwood podcast. And don’t forget about Bev’s calming meditation. If you’re at the gym for a workout, out for a stroll or at work, pause the podcast until you can find 5-10 minutes of quiet to sit and close your eyes. 

Fernwood members have access to meditation sessions via MyFernwood. Not a member yet? Find out more here.

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