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“When you enjoy food, you enjoy life.” 

You’re in for a treat today ladies, host of The Real Health podcast, Ebony has kindly taken a seat in our guest chair to chat about her own definition of real health, nutrition, mindful eating and how she is living out her dream of interviewing her role models and health experts on her very own podcast. 

When she’s not on the mic, Ebony is a Personal Trainer at Fernwood Ultra Geelong, as well as a qualified nutritionist. A passionate woman about all things health and wellbeing, Ebony has hosted some of the big names from the health and fitness industry, all with a focus on chatting about their perspectives on real health.

She says there’s no cookie cutter routine for a healthy lifestyle, because real health means something different to every individual. As a teenager, Ebony dabbled in diets, like many other girls her age, as she felt that was the expectation. 

“Dieting for me is a thing of the past. I concentrate now on what feels good in my body,” Ebony says.

“Everything I am doing is for sustainability. It’s not for a quick fix, it’s not a fad. I’m doing everything to be healthy as I can now, but also well into the future.”

Listen in as Ebony talks about the issues with labelling food as good and bad, how she overcame her own negative relationship with food, and a very interesting analogy about food and the bathroom.

She jumps into the festive season, and how changing the way we talk about food can change how we think about it too.

Ebony shares some valuable health and nutrition insights, a few tips for getting those five serves of veggies each day, and why we should stop saying “I can’t eat that”.

We are so excited to have Ebony on the podcast, and we hope you love today’s episode! You can listen via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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