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So, you’ve joined the perfect women's only gym: it’s a gym nearby, has great fitness facilities, friendly staff and a group fitness and wellness class timetable that works for you, including HIIT workouts, yoga, Pilates and more. The next step is walking through the door for a workout, which can sometimes feel a bit intimidating, especially if you’re new to the gym scene. But it doesn’t need to. If you’re new to the Fernwood family, keep reading as we share our top tips for new members to get the most out of their Fernwood memberships.

Club tour

Come into club for your first time during staffed hours for a tour. A friendly staff member will show you all of the facilities such as the lockers, members' lounge and where all the fun classes like Zumba and Body Pump take place. They’ll also share other key information like where the foam rollers and mats are kept, which will best equip you for pre and post-workout stretching - an absolute necessity!

Personal training

Booking in for a personal training session will help you lay a strong foundation for your new fitness journey. Your PT will teach you proper form and technique and how to use any gym equipment you’re unsure about. They can also write up an exercise program specific to you, which you can follow on your own so you feel confident on the gym floor. Personal training is perfect for keeping you accountable in the gym.

Fitness classes

Attending group fitness classes is a great way to meet new people whilst getting fit. With so many different classes on offer, such as boxing, yoga and FIIT30 to name just a few, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. Adding a variety of different exercise into your routine helps to motivate you and keep things interesting so you don’t get bored. We’ve broken down a few of our favourite Fernwood classes to make it easy for you.

Members’ Lounge

Take advantage of the Members' Lounge pre and post-workout to relax and unwind. Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself a moment to sit down with a cup of tea! It can make all the difference to getting you into the right headspace. Fernwood also provides free breakfast for all members so you can get the right fuel to conquer your day. There’s always a member keen for a chat too!

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

Remember that everyone started somewhere and not to be too hard on yourself. You’ve taken those first steps to join the gym and are well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. The only person you need to be comparing yourself to is you! 

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Blog reposted from September 2019.

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