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So you’ve signed up for a gym membership (welcome to Fernwood!), you’ve got all the gear but no idea what to do next. Starting your own fitness journey might be a little intimidating if you attend the gym and don’t know what FIIT30 is (just FYI, FIIT30 sessions are specialised HIIT workouts for women), you don't know the difference between yoga and Pilates (there is a big difference!), and you have no idea which piece of equipment works your biceps. You should find comfort in knowing there are so many people out there just like you! We’ve all been a beginner, and like most things, you’re not expected to know how to workout and how to perform all exercises correctly the second you walk through the door.

Having a regular exercise routine definitely has its benefits. Aside from being healthier and fitter, regular exercise often provides more vitality for everyday activities, improved mood, better quality sleep and relaxation. It can also reduce your risk for lifestyle illnesses by improving bodily functions. So if this is your first time heading to the gym, or it's been a long time since your last workout, there are a few things to consider. 

Know your 'why'

Identifying the reason why you are doing this for yourself will be the cornerstone of your whole fitness journey and will keep you  motivated and focused on your goals. It is important to remind yourself that you are doing this for your own benefit and not for anyone else.

Before starting any physical activity, always consult your doctor or medical practitioner first.

Invest in time

Once you know your 'why', then you can create your workout routine to suit your schedule. Remember to find time that works for you, and don't over-commit - this is where many people go wrong. Be realistic about how often you can attend the gym and find classes that will work for you.

Ask for help

Once you are in the gym, you might get a little anxious that you are not at the same level of everyone else. Firstly, you should never compare yourself to anyone else! Secondly, if you're not sure where to start, there are a few things that you can do for support:

  • Book a session with a personal trainer who can help you to create a tailored workout plan. She will be able to guide you to navigate the gym floor and teach you how to use the equipment safely and confidently.

  • Make sure you book in for your induction session. Chat to the team at reception for more info!

  • Build up skills in group fitness and wellness classes We have a lot of options like dance classes, yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, Les Mills classes and more. You can book into classes via the Fernwood App, or chat to the team at reception if you need a little help.

Start with the basics

Everyone starts somewhere. Mastering the basic movements or exercises can give you a strong foundation in order for you to progress in your program. Don’t be afraid to tell your coach or group class instructor that you are just only beginning and you may need to modify some exercises. They will be more than happy to help!

Find a buddy

A friend is one of the best accountability tools you can find, as she will keep you motivated on those days that you are feeling a little lazy and you'd rather continue hitting snooze on your alarm. You don't want to keep her waiting! Plus, you know you'll feel better after.

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