The benefits of CXWORX The benefits of CXWORX

CXWORX is a 30-minute core-training workout that uses your body weight, resistance tubing and weights to tighten and tone your midsection. Exercises are designed to improve your functional strength for better mobility and injury prevention.

What you’ll need

Most CXWORX classes need a resistance tube, a plate, and a mat for the floor components of the workout – all items you’ll find in the group fitness room of your local club. Your instructor will advise you if you need anything else. Wear comfortable clothes and runners.

What to expect

It’s likely that CXWORX will be different to any other workout you’ve ever done. The main apparatus is a resistance tube, which the trainer will instruct you to wrap around your body in different ways to create a greater resistance while you perform basic exercises – like squats, lunges, biceps curls, and shoulder rows. The main focus here is the core, so you’ll be encouraged to engage it to support each movement.

In a typical session you will first do a mat warm-up to gradually activate the muscles, doing things like crunches to work upper abs and leg raisers that work the lower abs too. Once the warm-up’s over, the real focus on the core muscles begins. You’ll move on to some challenging leg extensions and variations of plank holds.

The middle of the class focuses on using the resistance bands to target the rest of your body, while still engaging your core for stability. Twisting lunges, balancing movements, and compound exercises are the go here. You’ll be lunging while doing upright rows, and squatting with bicep curls – always targeting more than one muscle at once for a more effective workout.

Set to music, the whole class flies by, and before you can say ‘ouch’, it’s all over. Like all Les Mills classes, CXWORX is pre-choreographed, meaning you’ll get time to master the moves over a couple of weeks as you repeat the same workout.


  • A strong core – combine CXWORX classes with a sensible diet, and you’re on your way to washboard abs.
  • Build lean muscle mass – CXWORX allows you to work all your muscles in a short time frame, meaning you can increase your muscle mass and your fat-burning potential in just half an hour.
  • Kilojoule burn – like any exercise, a CXWORX class will burn kilojoules – up to 960kJ per class.
  • Better posture – a strong core means a better posture. A better posture will make you stand taller and give you a slimmer profile – hooray!
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