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Put down those barbells, we have some news!

Jess Smith from Fernwood Melton has been crowned our 2020 national Rise Challenge winner – congratulations Jess! Time and time again, Jess gave her all to the challenge, empowering herself and her fellow members to shine. 

She dedicated herself to the workouts, pushed herself outside her comfort zone, and went out of her way to support other women around her. All this and more earned Jess the title of Rise Challenge 2020 National Winner.  

Jess joined our Fernwood Melton club in 2018, but had to take some time away after discovering she had a hole in her heart. Jess underwent open heart surgery and following her recovery, returned to Melton as a member. With her club closed temporarily this year, she committed to the FIIT30 virtual classes, and kept herself motivated and moving during 2020. 

When the Rise Challenge popped up, Jess decided this was the ideal opportunity to take her health, fitness and wellness up a step, and signed up for bootcamp, personal training and the Empower program.

“I had all different motivations from my kids, to myself, and I'm also getting married next November, so that was one of my biggest goals to lose weight for. I'm super excited to be at a point with myself that I can now go and try on wedding dresses,” Jess said.

“I've learnt that I can do it no matter how much I doubt myself. I now know what I have to do and what I can do so I will continue and I look forward to seeing what I have achieved in the next six weeks.”

With wellness a component of her Rise Challenge package, Jess enrolled in the six-week Empower program. The program, which focuses on stress management, the creation of values-based goals and desires, as well as learning self-acceptance, offered Jess a nice balance to the intense workout routine, and focused on mindfulness and personal growth.

“The journal was the best thing. I haven't written in a diary about my day or just life in general in many years and it's an awesome keepsake for when I am having an off day. I can have a read and remember the reasons why I started this journey in the first place.”

The staff at Fernwood Melton were so in awe of Jess’s achievements, her commitment to her own health and wellbeing, and her willingness to support other women along the way. As part of her nomination, the club said they were so proud Jess not only pushed herself outside of her comfort zone, but also encouraged other women to do the same.

They said Jess would share advice with other members, while also taking on advice, always looking for ways that she could adapt her training and nutrition to get the best results. After every bootcamp session, Jess would stay back to chat with other women about her journey to motivate and encourage them, share what she had found helpful along the way, and listen to how other women were finding their own successes. 

“We are so proud of Jess’s achievements and to have her as a valued member of our Fernwood community.”

Well done Jess, for rising to the challenge, and lifting up other women along the way. Enjoy the celebrations and of course, your $5k cash prize!

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