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We’ve all got a favourite gym playlist that we turn up when we’re ready to workout, but Fernwood has introduced something even better! Say hello to our brand-new podcast series, Fernwood PodCoach, with real workouts guided by Fernwood’s very own fitness guru Lisa! At Fernwood, we love a good sweat session, and this is the latest innovation we have launched to further support women’s health, fitness and confidence.

An interactive experience, PodCoach guides listeners through a workout just like a personal trainer at the gym, advising equipment required, countdown to the next exercise and tips for correcting technique, while offering ongoing motivation to increase effort and accountability.

This first episode of PodCoach is our Cardio Blast Workout!

Follow along with Lisa as she guides you through the workout, and feel free to take a break or modify any exercises as required. You’ll find all the equipment you need around the club, and if you have any questions about an exercise, just ask one of our friendly team members for assistance.

As always, make sure you have completed your warm-up and stretching, have a water bottle and towel handy, and wipe down any equipment as you go. We always recommend working out with a personal trainer in club when trying a new workout, returning to training after an injury, increasing weights or intensity of your workouts, and for best practice advice on correct form, technique and posture.

Just in case you’d like to see Lisa demonstrate any of the exercises, the video for this workout can be viewed right here:

We can't wait for you to try out our new PodCoach series! You can listen via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, just search for 'Fernwood', or listen below!

Any advice or information shared during this podcast is of a general nature and does not take into consideration your personal or health conditions.  

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