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Are you looking to for a new class to try? Confused by the variety of options? Group fitness is a great way to mix up your workout routine because there is so much variety, you don’t have to think of what to do and you have a trainer there to assist with technique.

We have broken down a few of our favourite classes to help you discover a new workout.

Body Pump

One of the best toning classes going around, Body Pump focuses on the tummy, butt and arms and is a good introduction to weight training. If you are apprehensive of using weights alone, we recommend signing up to Body Pump as the instructor will help you find the right weights that you are comfortable with and show you the correct technique. The good thing about Body Pump is that you aren’t lifting super heavy weights, with the weights light to moderate with lots of repetition to get your muscles working.

Body Attack

Got energy to burn? Love a fast-paced high intensity workout? Body Attack could be the right fit for you. A combination of running, jumping, lunging and strength exercises like squats and push-ups will get your body moving hard and fast. An all over body workout to build your stamina and agility, enjoy the pumping music and challenge yourself with Body Attack.


Are you looking for a tone up? Strengthen your body and core with CXworx, using resistance bands and weight plates to master your technique to strong. A 30-minute class will have you feeling muscles you didn’t even know you had. Along with toning, CXworx will encourage you to sit straight and work on your posture.


In need of some down time? We recommend adding yoga to your weekly routine. It’s the perfect way to end the day or week, as you are resting the body and relaxing the mind. Yoga focuses on breathing techniques, exercise and meditation, helping to improve health and happiness. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion, so with regular practice you will improve your flexibility.

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