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When it comes to eating well, maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle, and improving overall wellbeing, it is so important to have the right knowledge and mindset – that’s why we’ve pulled together 5 simple healthy food swaps to shake up your regular routine and offer some healthier food options.

1. White bread or white rice to wholegrain variety

White bread and polished grains like white rice have their vitamin, mineral and fibre content stripped away, leaving only carbs behind. Next time, pick the wholegrain variety such as wheat/sourdough bread, quinoa, red rice and barley.

2. Full fat red meat to lean red or white meats

If you are going for protein sources that have high quality nutrient content, choose to go with lean cuts of meats like chicken breast or leg, tenderloin or sirloin steaks rather than those with higher saturated fat content.

3. Chips to fresh fruits or veggie sticks

Delicious and often addictive, chips are usually considered as empty calorie foods and can be high in salt or fat. Enjoy some fresh fruits or veggie sticks with your usual low-fat yoghurt to enjoy a great snack.

4. Cream based to oil-based dressing

Salads are usually considered low kilojoule meals, but sometimes, putting dressings on top can make it higher depending on what type you are using or how much are you adding. Oil-based dressings often offer a healthier dose of unsaturated fats than their cream-based counterparts, which makes it a healthier swap.

5. Simpler drinks

Swap your high energy, high sugar or high fat beverages for simpler options:

  • Your iced coffee for a freshly brewed one
  • Your milk shakes for freshly squeezed fruit juices or shakes
  • Swap your milk tea for a warm cup of green tea
  • Swap your soda for mineral water

If you're looking for personalised nutrition advice, book in some time with a Fernwood Food Coach to chat. 

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