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In Fernwood Fitness's latest podcast on health, fitness and wellness for women, we discuss how to get fitter faster with HIIT workouts for women. Listen to the best 2021 podcasts now.

From doing HIIT workouts in the gym, to her lounge room, back to the gym, back to the lounge room and finally back to the gym permanently (fingers crossed!), Fernwood FIIT30 Coach of the Year for 2020, Sam, certainly has a lot of experience up her sleeve training women in high intensity and interval styles.

As we mentioned, Sam was crowned Fernwood FIIT30 Coach of the year for last year, celebrating her commitment to helping women get stronger, fitter and healthier. FIIT30 is Fernwood’s premium HIIT offering. The 30-minute workout moves all your major muscle groups, with the support of a personal trainer in a small group training environment. 

That’s why we invited Sam to join us on the Fernwood podcast to chat about HIIT workouts, the importance of functional movement for all stages of our lives, how often we should do HIIT for the best results, as well as what we mean by ‘active rest’.

Sam covers the broad range of HIIT-style classes, such as boxing, as well as FIITMAX for fit women who want to see stronger results, and FIITRIGHT for women who have taken some time away from training, and those who want to learn proper exercise form and technique with the guidance of a personal trainer.

Did you know your workout can have an impact on your sleep? Sam chats about sleep for recovery and progress, and how her she followed in her mum’s footsteps – well, almost. We are so pleased to have Sam joining us on the podcast, and we can’t wait for all our lovely listeners to tune in. You can also listen via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, just search for 'Fernwood', or listen below!

For the month of April 2021, we are offering all women who have never tried FIIT30 before to come along and try out premium HIIT class for free. No commitment required, but we think you’ll love it just as much as we do. Click here to download your free pass now.

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