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Tips from Fernwood Fitness to achieve your 2021 fitness goal 

Setting yourself a health, fitness or wellness goal for the new year can be a motivating way to kick a bad habit goodbye, or welcome a new positive change into your life, and often feels like the best time to make a healthy change - new year, new me, right? Most people often have the best of intentions when it comes to making a change, such as “I want to get fitter this year” or “I want to eat better and healthier”.

These are both great goals to start a healthier lifestyle in the new year, and while they are usually filled with good intentions, sometimes people start their new routine a little too zealously. And often, this is where many of us go wrong. But there are a few ways to give yourself a better chance of sticking to your goal in the new year and beyond.

Slow and steady

Staying committed to your goal, especially at the start of the year in the peak of summer can be really tough. Often, we hit the ground running on January 1, only to revert back to our previous behaviour by the end of the summer. This is not something to feel down or deflated by; you should feel proud of yourself for at least giving it a go. 

When working towards a lifestyle change, such as improving your fitness, it takes practice, perseverance and sometimes a few bumps in the road before you get to where you’re heading. It also helps if you take it slow and steady, rather than overhauling your entire lifestyle in one go.

One step at a time

When it comes to making a positive and permanent change in your life, start by making small changes. If your goal is to improve your fitness, make a plan to hit the gym a few times, and perhaps a walk or Pilates or alternating days.

To get started, try out some fun classes like Zumba or spend time with a personal trainer to develop a fitness routine. It’s important that you do exercises that you enjoy, and that you don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Sweating it out at the gym every day can be too much pressure on your body and mind, especially if you’re new to the scene. If you push yourself too hard too quickly, this can also lead to burn out.

Remember to celebrate

Rather than setting a goal that demands ‘success’ in a restrictive timeframe, consider setting a series of mini goals that will help you to make a lifestyle shift. These might be weekly or monthly milestones that support you to work towards your main goal, and help you to adapt your behaviour slowly.

Each time you complete a mini goal, celebrate your achievement and how far you’ve come. One of the most important things to remember is to not beat yourself up if you go off track. We can all experience those tough days or weeks, but don’t let the challenges derail your journey. You've got this.

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