From Best Friends to Better Friends

We humans are friendly beings. Since the beginning of our existence, we’ve relied on each other for survival, and have formed close bonds ever since. In 2024, we’re thankfully pretty capable of providing for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that the concept of friendship isn’t as important as it always was. We still need our friends for company and support, but as time goes by, and life does what life does, sometimes our close friends start to become distant strangers. With National Best Friends Day around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the value of good friendships, and what can be done to maintain them. Here are some tips that might inspire you.

Surprise Them

Your friends are your friends. You’ve already proven your admiration and respect for one another over the years. Therefore, we don’t always feel the need to go out of our way to remind them of this. The good news is, this can all change at the click of a send button! Pick up your phone—but first, pick up your laptop—and write a personalised message to each of your best friends. Tell them what you love most about them, recall your favourite shared memory, talk about the day you first met and how far you’ve both come since. These sorts of messages usually make an appearance about once a year (if you’re lucky), so when your friend picks up their phone and sees an unexpected manifesto of your friendship, it’ll not only make their day—it’ll make your friendship even stronger. Writing these messages may not come easy. They’ll take time, thought and editing. Wait till you’ve got a good moment to yourself, maybe on the train home, at your home desk or favourite cafe, and take the time to craft something that only you could write. The extra effort will go a long way.

Speaking of surprises, why not go one further and surprise someone with a gift? Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things your friends really love, then bring them along to your catch-ups. When your friends know you’re thinking of them—and not just on their birthdays—it’ll remind them of why they befriended you in the first place!

Plan Something Beautiful

We often tell ourselves that we’ll get together with our friends for a special day. Fast forward another year, and we still haven’t gotten around to it. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of good friendships: our friends will always be there, therefore the clock is never ticking. Sometimes, someone has to take some good old fashioned initiative—make yourself that ‘someone’. Put on your manager’s hat and start organising an experience that’ll make you famous in your friendship group.

Is there a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try? A place where you can fall into a culinary timewarp, taste combinations of flavours you never thought possible, then close your eyes and tap your cards when the bill comes around? Book it, then look forward to it!

Maybe you could find a house in the middle of nowhere, where you and your friends can log a good 48 hours of catching up with nothing but the wilderness to distract you.

Why stop in Australia? Imagine getting the team back together, syncing your annual leave, jumping on a plane and exploring somewhere abroad—just you, your friends and a faraway land.

It could even be as simple as a picnic in the park on a sunny day. What’s important is that you’re all together, and that you actually do it!

Create a Ritual

Social events only come around once in a while. This often leaves us with lots of catching up to do, which only emphasises the time we’ve spent apart. Why not try doing something on a regular basis? Is there something you all love doing, but mostly do separately?

How about a monthly movie or music night? Pick a movie, or an album, then sit down together, wines and snacks in hand. Afterwards, you can spend the evening talking about what you’ve just watched or listened to, plus going on any unrelated tangent.

Maybe you could pick a different restaurant, cafe or bar every week or month, creating a treasure hunt out of your city’s best dishes and drinks.

If you want to get a little active, you could go on a regular walk or run, play some sport, or if you’re a Fernwood member, shout a friend to a casual gym pass and elevate your friendship from regular buddies to gym buddies.

By always having something in the calendar, your catch-ups will no longer be left in a never-ending state of ‘let’s do it soon’!


Whether old or new, a friendship sometimes requires a little maintenance to keep it running smoothly. It’s so easy to get swept up by our many other commitments, but we should always have time for the people we’ve chosen to be part of our lives. These are the people who make you smile, give you comfort, and if it was many thousand years ago, would help you survive. Maybe it’s time to celebrate it! Hopefully, with these suggestions, you can reignite old friendships, or give newer friendships the momentum they need to last well into the future.


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