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Say hello to Shine Podcast season 2, the best podcast for women covering fitness, wellness, health, periods, menopause, relationships & more!

We are so excited to announce season 2 of our Fernwood Shine Podcast launches on Tuesday, September 7, in line with Women’s Health Week! We’re here on the Fernwood Shine Podcast, and in life, to have a laugh, share our experiences, support each other and get some stellar recommendations from women we adore. 

From getting sweaty, to mindful meditation, navigating health diagnoses, menopause and menstruation, healthy relationships, the daily grind and career progression, motherhood and so, so much more. This is the place to tune in and feel empowered – listen to the words of other women as they share their stories and the gems of wisdom they have learnt along the way.

We'll be kicking off season 2 of the podcast with the incredibly talented AFLW player Libby Birch, who will be discussing her own experiences with PMS, PCOS and PMDD – a few health conditions women should be aware of, and the importance of speaking to your GP or medical professional when things don’t seem quite right.

On the first Friday of each month, we'll be releasing our much-loved Pod Coach podcasts, where you can tune in and do a workout led by Fernwood Fitness Personal Trainer Lisa. These are targeted workouts to support women through proper technique, while also boosting motivation.

Every Tuesday throughout the month (with the exception of the first Tuesday of the month 😊), we’ll be releasing ‘how to tips’ on popular fitness, wellness and nutrition topics. These podcasts are around 5-10 minutes and discuss popular topics from how to get a firmer booty, to how to sleep better, and how to improve your gut health, just to name a few.

We are so excited to launch season 2, and invite you all to tune in on Tuesday. Listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, by searching for Fernwood.

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