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Fernwood Fitness is for women. Confident women. Inspiring women. Empowered women. Outgoing women, quiet women and proud women. Women who have lift other women up.

Women who can laugh at themselves. Women brave enough to try something new. Women who prioritise filling up their cup and show other women how to do the same. Every woman


Confident women

“I hired a board on holidays later that year and had hubby help balance the board, but once I was up that was it. I felt overwhelming pride in myself. It was a feeling I wanted to bottle for any time in the future when I had self-doubt. I could do it and I did! I have since bought my own stand-up paddleboard. And I learnt that confidence looks good on me!” - Katrina

Empowered women

“Moving my body clears my mind like nothing else ever has. It makes me feel strong and more than capable. I definitely notice a difference in my attitude and focus if I haven’t taken time for myself that day to workout or get outside for some exercise. Overall, it allows me to be the best version of myself, and as a result the best for the people I love around me.” - Rani

Inspiring women

Life can be very stressful sometimes, so joining the gym and being active has helped to reduce the stress. I’ve become strong, and have had better sleep. Being a single mum, it’s not easy, and if I’m not looking after my health I won’t be able to look after those boys, and study, and work, and daily life.” - Rahma

Women like us. 
Women like you. 

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