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As you already know, Fernwood is the place for women’s health, fitness and wellness, and while we boast about our community smashing deadlifts, cycling for kilometres on the bicycle and lunging the length of the gym, you might not have realised we also have a huge range of group fitness classes on offer.

And when we say huge, we mean it. You can check out the classes we have on offer right here. Whether you’re new to the gym scene, or you’ve been bench pressing for years, group fitness classes are the ideal way to learn new and correct techniques, trigger motivation and find new exercises to include in your own exercise circuits.

To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons you should try Fernwood group fitness classes.

We're mindful that these services are not available in all states right now due to restrictions. Please follow the government restrictions and advice in your area.

  1. Shake up your fitness routine and try out something new.
  2. Learn new exercises and techniques from experienced and qualified personal trainers who are bursting with energy, motivation and knowledge.
  3. Meet new fabulous people – our community of empowered women are there to support you.
  4. Sooooo many classes on offer– from FIIT30 to cycling to Zumba, we have so many different class types.
  5. Pumping music to get you motivated and moving.
  6. Attending regular group classes helps to create a fitness routine and jump-start motivation that might be lacking.
  7. All those lovely exercise endorphins.
  8. Keeps you accountable and committed to your health, fitness and wellness.
  9. Get expert advice in a supportive environment.
  10. Did we mention our group classes include wellness? That’s right, yoga and Pilates are part of the group class timetable too!

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