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Describing herself as a ‘routine girl’, Katrina loves those post-workout endorphins she gets from her four to five workouts each week – personal training, strength training, high intensity FIIT30 for some cardio, and a walk and swim at her local beach. A lover of fitness, Katrina is a valued member at our Fernwood Maroochydore club – and one of our Fernwood ambassadors for 2021! We were absolutely thrilled when she accepted her nomination.

“Hearing of my ambassadorship, I was shocked and speechless because I never thought I would fit the mould of a gym ambassador! But honestly, I am just humbled and honoured. What a privilege this is. I want to be able to share my journey and really promote that being active and healthy doesn’t come in a certain shape or size.”

It was in 2017 when Katrina – after what she says was many attempts – began her health and fitness journey and completely transformed her mindset, body composition, and strength. One of the most difficult things that Katrina forced herself to step away from was watching the number on the scales, and instead focus on how she felt. She knew where she wanted to be, and that if she made exercise part of her lifestyle that she would see the change happen.

“My self-esteem was getting pretty low, even though I was good at hiding it, and I was so tired and achy all the time. I was approaching mid-40s and I didn’t want to get older being unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. I have two teenage boys who I wanted to keep up with. But most importantly, I wanted to feel good in my own skin. I just knew it was time and I was in the right headspace to make it happen.”

Katrina re-joined Fernwood in late 2017 after resetting her approach to food and nutrition. She spent six months focusing on planning, preparing and tracking her food intake, and soon felt more confident to introduce exercise and even step outside of her comfort zone to try new things.

“I eat mindfully but I’m not on a diet. I make conscious choices, but I never let myself feel like I miss out."

“I was once the shy, introvert at the gym who walked in did the basics and left. Then I met my now trainer (Nikki Henderson at Maroochydore) in a Member Motivator session. I still remember sitting on the mats chatting and she convinced me to try the 12-week challenge. I was insecure and nervous but took the leap. It was the best thing I could have done.

“The bootcamps really, really challenged me but the satisfaction on my progress from week 1 to week 12 was so good for me. I lost about 11kg in that challenge and it was the start of my confidence growing and my journey to where I am now.”

It’s not always sunshine and roses, Katrina says, admitting there are times when her motivation drops, tiredness kicks in, and she’s not getting the results she wants. But she always picks herself up to keep going, because she know she feels better overall when she’s sticking to her regular routine and moving her body.

“It’s ok to feel all the feelings, I just don’t let myself stay in that headspace. And all I need to do is look at some of my before photos to remind myself of how far I have come and why I do what I do,” she says.

Outside of the gym, Katrina has seen what an impact her own motivation has had on the rest of her life. For the longest time, Katrina had watched paddleboarders cascade along the water, and every time it intensified her with desire to give it a go for herself. During a 12-week challenge, Katrina set her eyes on the prize, which happened to be a stand-up paddleboard. While she wasn’t the winner and subsequent recipient of the board, it only encouraged her more.

“I hired a board on holidays later that year and had hubby help balance the board, but once I was up that was it. I felt overwhelming pride in myself. It was a feeling I wanted to bottle for any time in the future when I had self-doubt. I could do it and I did! I have since bought my own stand-up paddleboard. And I learnt that confidence looks good on me!”

We think confidence looks AMAZING on you Katrina, and we are so pleased to have women like you as part of our ever-supportive and motivated Fernwood community.

“If sharing my story encourages others to create change in their lives, or even to just keep doing what they are doing, then my heart is full. I love everything about Fernwood – women empowering women is such a strong message that I want to help promote. Because that is what we do at Fernwood!”

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