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We may be biased, but we believe investing in your fitness and wellness routine is always a good idea for improving your overall health and wellbeing, that's why we've listed 7 ways to boost health and fitness to help you enhance your workouts and boost your motivation.

Whenever you hit the gym, you want to get the best results possible, whether that’s stronger muscles, more flexibility, more zen (hello yoga classes and meditation!) or increased confidence. From your warm-ups, exercises, cool down and even your pre- and post-workout meals, here are some pointers to get the best results so you can achieve the best version of yourself.

1. Eat quality meals

Did you know, a good pre- or post-workout meal can help improve performance, endurance and recovery? Prepare a meal with a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat for your body to release energy properly and burn fat during your workout, then promote muscle recovery and growth after. Check out our recipes on Fernwood Pulse (exclusive to our lovely members).

2. Be mobile and warm-up

Performing mobility exercises can improve movement in your muscles, joints and may prevent injuries. Allow at least a few minutes for you to warm up your body before starting your main workouts.

3. Get rolling

Another good option before or after your workouts is foam rolling. It is great for relieving knots and increases blood flow in your muscles so you can move better during your exercises and decreasing muscle soreness after.

4. Come prepared

Planning your workouts instead of just going with the flow can be more time efficient and organised. A prepared workout program ensures you you get better results and are always moving towards your goals. Not having a workout plan, or a personal trainer to guide you can sometimes lead to a shorter, less efficient workout. That's why our group fitness and wellness classes are always a great option for when you need a little motivation.

5. Challenge yourself

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights, perform one more set or circuit, do an extra km on the treadmill or rowing machine, add more floors on the stair climber or hold your planks a little longer - all if safe to do so, of course. Whether you have goals for improved health, fitness or weight loss, your body adapts to the new challenge to improve on developing muscle strength and endurance.

Read about Jess, our inspirational Rise Challenge winner.

6. Focus on you and your goals

Dedicate your time at the gym to improving your overall health and wellbeing. Avoid distractions during your workouts by limiting screen time on your phone or having long chats with fellow gym goers during rests or intervals - save this for post-workout. If you’re using your phone for music, make sure you have a prepared playlist before working out.

7. Enjoy the community

Being part of a women’s gym, you get to enjoy a safe space to be yourself, stay motivated, share goals and success stories, and all that’s in between. You can always approach our friendly staff if you need any tips or advice to get closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. We'd love to help!

We always recommend working with a personal trainer when switching up your workout, returning to training after an injury, increasing weights or intensity of your workouts, and for best practice advice on correct form, technique and posture.

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