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How to overcome gym anxiety & enjoy fitness

Focusing on yourself and what you want to achieve in the gym can help you to feel more relaxed and improve your confidence while getting a better and more enjoyable experience from your workout. This is one of five ways Fernwood Fitness Personal Trainer Lisa says women can feel more confident in the gym. Keep reading for all the details, or listen to Lisa explain.

Please note, not all services and partner workouts are available at this time. Always follow government restrictions and advice in your area, and speak to your local club for information. 


1. Write your workout ahead of time

"By planning your workout before you come into the gym, you can make sure that you’re going to set out to accomplish exactly what you wish to achieve. It means you are more likely to finish your entire workout, rather than leaving early if that anxiety starts to set in."

2. Focus on yourself and your workout

"In the gym environment, there will be members surrounding you with various levels of fitness. It’s really important to focus on your own workout and what a great job you are doing, rather than comparing yourself to others. A great distraction and motivator is popping some earphones in and playing your favourite music while you train."

3. Join a group fitness class

"There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with a group of likeminded women, fun and energetic music and an awesome instructor telling you what to do in a group fitness class. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your group fitness instructor; she’s there to help, motivate you and give you tips on how to improve your technique."

4. Work out with a friend or personal trainer

"Working out with a friend helps you feel more relaxed, and to get a better experience out of your workout. Finding a personal trainer means that you have a professional alongside you the entire time, which means that you get a personalised experience. This one-on-one contact quite often helps with reducing anxiety while you exercise."

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5. Train during off-peak or quieter periods

"You may wish to come in during quieter times so you can have your own space while you train, or you may prefer to come in during a busier time where you can observe the others around you and learn new things. Have a chat to the girls at reception and work out which time of the day best suits your needs."

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