Is aerobic or anaerobic exercise the best Is aerobic or anaerobic exercise the best

Start the new year out with a routine, packed with all the exercises you love and a personal trainer to keep you accountable, motivated and committed.

We all love a good workout - that's why we're here - but sometimes we can feel our motivation dropping or excuses increasing, which are both signs that you might need an extra push in the right direction - say hello to a new personal trainer. Personal training is for everyone, and it could be the missing link in your health and fitness routine.

A personal trainer's role is to push you more than you would yourself, to get you fantastic results in the shortest amount of time. They support your growth and development, teach you proper form and technique, and get you through those really tough workouts. 

They are also a great support for answering questions about health and fitness, and can also provide the low down on wellness-based classes, like yoga and meditation, and why these are important to include in your regular routine.

We know there are many more reasons to get a personal trainer, but here are 10 pretty good ones to start...

  1. A tailored program just for you 
  2. Learn proper technique and form to avoid injuries
  3. Your very own fitness cheerleader
  4. A handpicked trainer that suits your style
  5. Faster results
  6. Keeps you accountable and committed
  7. Support to get you through those planks and burpees
  8. Someone to give you that extra push
  9. Expert advice from a qualified fitness professional
  10. Develop a positive fitness routine

Get the support you want and find that much needed motivational push. Speak to a Fernwood Personal Trainer to find out how they can fast track your results! Get more information here.

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