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Partnerships & Advertising

Fernwood Magazine

Fernwood Magazine

Fernwood is a glossy, bi-monthly magazine packed with information to help you reach your goals and get even more from your membership. It provides fresh and easy-to-access information on health, fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, holidays, workout gear, fashion, beauty, competitions and much more.

For Fernwood magazine editorial enquiries, contact Melanie Pike on (02) 8071 6100 or

For all Fernwood advertising and in-club sampling enquiries, contact Geoff Cochrane on (02) 8113 5655 or


Opportunities exist to partner with Fernwood during our challenges and our external advertising campaigns.


Fernwood offers various challenges throughout the year to help women transform their minds and bodies to become their best selves ever. Challengers participate online with the option to combine their program with an in-club training package. Challenges are open to members and non-members.

Member acquisition and retention

Opportunities also exist to become involved in Fernwood’s in-club member retention programs and new member acquisition campaigns throughout the year, either on a local or national level.

For all Fernwood sponsorship enquiries, contact Amanda Bianco on (03) 9630 8821 or