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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to join for 12 months?

No. 12 month memberships are our most affordable option but we have a number of flexible membership options. Speak to your local club about what they have available.

How much does it cost per week?

Prices vary by club and by package and start from just $22 per week.

Why is there a joining fee?

As when you join any club or team there’s a start-up fee. It’s a one-off payment of $199 and you never have to pay it again as long as you are with us.

What is the Activation Kit and why do I need it?

All of our memberships include an Activation Kit, which consists of all the things you need to get your membership started: your 24 hours access (at participating clubs), your New Member Starter Pack, the Your Fernwood online program plus in-club and online support to ensure your journey with us is successful. The fee for the Activation Kit is in addition to the joining fee and is payable in club.

What facilities are available; classes, amenities, parking, childcare?

All the basics you can expect from a gym are available: cardio and strength training equipment, group fitness classes, and Personal Training. We also offer some Fernwood-specific services like Food Coaching, free breakfast, our bi-monthly Fernwood Magazine, Members’ Lounge, our online and in-club programs and complimentary toiletries in the change room. Extra facilities like childcare, parking and beauty services vary from club to club, so we recommend contacting your local club for their list of services.

Are classes included in my membership?

Yes! You can attend our classes as often as you like.

What results will I achieve? How long will it take?

By regularly exercising and improving your eating habits you can expect to increase your fitness, gain strength and tone, lose weight, boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, sleep better, and feel energised and happy!

If your specific goal is to lose weight, our complete in-club and online Your Fernwood program for new members will equip you with everything you need to know about exercise, nutrition, and mindset for a successful weight loss journey. By sticking to the meal plans and workouts prescribed, you can expect to lose 0.5 – 2kg per week, depending on your starting weight.

Can I use other Fernwood clubs?

Yes! Once you join, your home club can explain how this works.

Once I sign up for a membership is there a cooling off period for me to change my mind?

Yes. The cooling off period is 48 hours.

If I decide to, how do I cancel my membership and what are the costs to do this?

If you decide you no longer want to be a member at Fernwood, you can cancel at any time. You should notify your club as soon as possible, in writing, to begin the cancellation process. Cancellation conditions and fees will depend on the term of your membership.

What happens if I go on holiday or would like some time off the gym?

A 12 month membership can be put on hold for up to 8 weeks. This deferral can be extended for overseas travel or medical reasons, and the minimum deferral period is two weeks. Your membership term end date or minimum term date will be extended by the period of your deferral. A small weekly fee applies to do this – check with your club about their policies and prices.

What will my first few visits be like?

There's no need to feel apprehensive when you first step foot inside a Fernwood club. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way during your first 28 days in the club, and online. As a new Fernwood member, you’ll receive our revolutionary new online Your Fernwood program as part of your membership. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about weight loss, nutrition, mindset and exercise. So if you’re a beginner, even better – we’ll show you how to get it right from the start!

On your first visit you’ll meet with your Fitness Coach who will help you set some really solid goals and create an action plan for you to work towards. We’ll also book you in for a cardio and strength training workshop, to get you feeling confident on the gym floor. As you begin to get comfortable, start trying different group fitness classes and trying new machines – after a couple of weeks you’ll feel like a regular!

What do I wear?

It’s no fashion parade at Fernwood, you just need to make sure you are wearing something that is comfortable and breathable. A good fitting sports bra and pair of trainers are important too.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Working out with a friend is great motivation and helps keep you on track with your health and fitness goals – not to mention, it makes training much more fun! Chat to the reception staff at your local club to find out how you can get your friends and family involved.

What types of classes are offered and when are they?

Each club offers a different selection of group fitness classes, so it’s best to check with your club by giving them a quick call or take a look online at their timetable. We recommend trying as many classes as you can to see which ones you like best. Whether you choose BodyPump, Cycle, BodyStep, Zumba, Boxing, Pilates, yoga or circuit classes, the group atmosphere, fun music, and enthusiasm of the instructor will keep you motivated and get you moving on those days when you otherwise wouldn’t feel like it. Classes usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, which is easy to fit into your day. You burn calories and have a lot of fun while doing it!

How much is Personal Training?

Personal Training varies by club and by package, with prices starting from just $38 extra per week.

What is Food Coaching and how much is it?

Weight loss is as much about what you eat as how much you move. That’s why we offer weekly one-on-one sessions with a specialised Food Coach to motivate our members who want to lose weight and keep them accountable to their goals. A Food Coach will work with you on a personalised, scientifically sound nutrition program to help you focus on achieving your weight management goals. Prices vary by club and by package, starting from just $19 extra per week. Some clubs will also offer Group Food Coaching sessions.

What is Functional Fit and how much is it?

Functional Fit is small group personal training with a focus on functional movements. Sessions are done in groups of 6-10 women and use the principles of high intensity interval training and functional movement patterns to improve cardio fitness, strength, joint mobility and stability. Each session is taken by a qualified Personal Trainer who changes the workout regularly to ensure you’re constantly challenged and continue to see results. Prices vary by club and by package, starting from just $20 extra per week.


What is strength training?

Progressive overload of the muscles to increase strength and maintain lean muscle mass, at an intensity just outside your comfort zone.

Will I 'bulk up'?

Many women don’t realise that it’s testosterone (the male sex hormone) which plays a major part in muscle growth, making it very difficult for women to gain muscle at all.

Do weights burn fat?

Strength training helps to maintain or increase your muscle mass, in-turn elevating your metabolism and your capacity to burn fat - turning you into a fat-burning machine!

Is cardio exercise alone enough?

The key component is intensity with strength training, as opposed to volume with cardio. Cardio workouts (without the support of a weekly strength-training session), will burn both fat and muscle. However, by reducing your muscle mass it will weaken your bones and slow your metabolism and body’s ability to burn fat.

How does strength training work?

Compound exercises with weights (using more than one joint at a time), ensures the best results in the shortest period of time. Strength training must be progressive, therefore we need to continue to increase the amount of weight we actually lift over a period of time to get results.

Is strength training just for young women?

If you don’t use it, you lose it! Strength training is essential to keep your body functioning at its best and is recommended for women of all ages.

What are the benefits of strength training?

Aside from the physical benefits of being toned, strength training can also help to improve posture, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease, increase energy levels, abdominal strength and bone mineral content, whilst strengthening the bones, ligaments and tendons, and reducing the risk of injury.

How often do I need to exercise?

It only takes 30-minutes a week of strength training using compound exercises with a personal trainer to get results and keep you feeling young, strong and confident - perfect for the average time-poor woman! And remember, your muscles need recovery time between sessions. Depending on the intensity of your strength training session, your muscles will require up to six days for full recovery.

How do I get started?

Don’t attempt to start strength training without proper advice from a professional who will also tailor a program to your individual needs. Remember, strength training with a personal trainer will help you to stay motivated and ensure you’re using the correct technique, helping to reduce any risk of injury.

Who is answering my questions on 'Ask an Expert'?

Elita Massarotti

Elita has always been passionate about promoting good health and nutrition. Working in the weight loss industry for eight years, Elita has helped people from all walks of life to better their health, lose unwanted kilograms and improve their lifestyle. Elita has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Human Nutrition from Deakin University and has specially formulated all the healthy recipes and meal plans in our online programs to improve the health and wellbeing of all who take part, with Fernwood’s unique body type approach.

Carmen Mullenger

Carmen has 25 years of fitness and sporting experience and has been a Fernwood member since 1997. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement and a Sport Management Graduate Diploma.

Carmen started her fitness career as a group exercise instructor and corporate group personal trainer, while her sporting career has seen her work with major brands and businesses across Australia in sales, marketing and business development roles, including running her own successful sporting retail and marketing business.

Her interest and passions for training today are running and strength training. She believes women are always the best version of themselves when fit, healthy and living a balanced life. Carmen’s role as Strategic Engagement Manager is to drive programs and event opportunities for Fernwood clubs.

Mike Curley

Mike is a world of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and biochemistry, having been in the fields for more than 35 years. With a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biochemistry, postgraduate diplomas in Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Biochemistry from Griffith University, and years of research under his belt, Mike has been instrumental in developing Fernwood’s body type approach to Food Coaching.

Mike was the founding Technical Director of Health World/Metagenics from 1988-2010. As director of research and development, Mike was the driving force behind many innovative breakthroughs in the industry and is recognised as being one of the leading health educators in the natural medicine field.

Kellie Toohey

Having been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years working as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, club manager, franchise state manager and Fernwood club owner, Kellie has trained and worked with a diverse range of people. Dedicated to the health and fitness of others, she loves finding a way to help individuals find their motivation for health.

Kellie is also an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist and has her masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. She designed Fernwood’s Functional Fit and plays the integral role of Exercise Physiology advisor to Fernwood.

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