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Boot Camp

Boot Camp: The Fernwood Military Miss Bootcamp

Take advantage of Fernwood’s boot camp program and break the limits of your fitness.

The Military Miss Bootcamp program focuses on intensity and endurance, and while the physical and mental demands are broad and challenging, this Fernwood boot camp is also great fun. Recruits are pushed to reach their peak physical fitness while at the same time being encouraged to break the mental boundaries that restrict them.

The boot camp program package is designed to tone and tighten the body, and improve core strength and cardiovascular fitness by truly pushing each recruit to better their current physical limits.

This military styled boot camp is as empowering as it is physically beneficial. It gives Fernwood women the strength to break through the different factors that may block their fitness progression.

Fernwood’s Military Miss Bootcamp aims to be tough; however it is also designed to be great fun. It is the perfect way to get fit and meet a new group of people, all while staying active and having a good time.

Talk to your nearest Fernwood gym today about the benefits and availability of the Military Miss Bootcamp program, and take the first steps to empowering yourself and increasing your fitness.

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