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Body Step

Fernwood is pleased to announce that Les Mills Body Step is here.

Body Step classes have built excitement around the world, and we know why. On top of being a whole lot of fun they offer six key benefits:

  • They burn calories
  • They improve your strength and core conditioning
  • They help you achieve your peak fitness level
  • They improve coordination
  • They increase your heart, lung and cardiovascular capacity
  • They improve bone health and density.

The music of a Body Step class is invigorating, and the choreography easy to learn. A few moves might seem challenging at first, but shouldn't all good workouts provide a challenge?

We promise that you'll soon be looking forward to the next track because you know it's putting you closer to achieving your peak performance goals.

Whether those goals are increased self esteem, improved coordination, or overall improved health and vigour, Body Step will get you there – one song at a time.

Body Step classes around Australia