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Body Balance

Les Mills' Body Balance classes have arrived at Fernwood. Body Balance is the revitalising workout that combines a series of stretch routines, poses and meditation techniques with music for a thoroughly refreshing, holistic workout.

Body Balance classes employ techniques from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, enabling you to tighten and strengthen the main muscle groups for a more supple and flexible body. Each Body Balance class concludes with a period of relaxation and meditation which allows you to unwind, while also enhancing the effects of your Body Balance workout.

With Body Balance you will see rapid results, even with just one class a week, but most people aim for three classes a week for improved benefits and greater enjoyment. The body balance workout heightens flexibility and movement while also reducing stress levels and improving well-being.

Fernwood offers Body Balance classes throughout Australia so why not try it? You may discover a fun, stress-relieving way to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Body Balance classes around Australia