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Women supporting women

"We are a league of powerful women. We can do anything we put our minds to. Anything, and everything. There is no limit to what we – women – can achieve.”

Fernwood Founder Diana Williams

Women are remarkable, right!? You don’t need to take our word for it, because our extraordinary community of women show us how empowered, strong, courageous, compassionate and resilient they are every single day. And we love hearing their stories! Whether it’s on the gym floor or out in the world, they are waking up every day saying, “I can do this.”

We are so honoured to have so many inspirational, motivational and supportive women in our Fernwood community. Here we share just a handful of the many stories that inspire us every day. 

Member turned trainer, Manal's passion for fitness is truly inspiring. Watch Manal’s inspiring story below.


We're so proud to have Gold Medalist Ellen as a part of our Fernwood family. Watch Ellen’s inspiring story below.


Full-time university lecturer and mother, Erika, works hard to make her health and fitness a priority. Watch Erika’s inspiring story below.


Jessica suffered from a brain hemorrhage at 24. Her daughter inspired her to change her lifestyle, and Jessica's bravery and strength has inspired us all. Watch Jessica’s inspiring story below.


“Doing good for ourselves empowers us to share goodness with people and the world around us.” - Diana Williams

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