The power of mindset in weight loss The power of mindset in weight loss

We chat to Susan Santoro, life coach and inspirational speaker, about the link between mindset and weight loss.

We’re often told that healthy eating and exercise is the key to weight loss – what role does mindset play in this equation?

You can have the best nutrition plans, the best intentions to exercise, and know exactly what to do, but if you don’t have that ‘click’ in your mindset – that shift that changes you from deep within – you’re missing the piece of the puzzle that pulls everything together.

The things that lead us to an unhealthy body weight aren’t just overeating and not moving, there’s often some emotional eating or self sabotage going on that we really need to understand so we can overcome it.

Mindset is the missing link in exercise and nutrition; once we find it, and experience that ‘click’, that’s when we get results.

How do you find that ‘click’ if you still haven’t found it?

I truly believe that we were born complete people with all the answers we need inside ourselves. We already know exactly what to do; the trick is uncovering these answers.

With my clients I do a lot of internal reflection and uncovering of old beliefs that could be holding them back from reaching their goals. I also encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and do things they’ve never done before. We all have an amazing mind-body connection, and when our bodies start doing something – even if we’re not doing it well – the action helps shift our minds to believe we can do things we never thought possible.

What’s the number one mistake you see women make over and over again when they’re starting a weight-loss journey?

Beating up on themselves and thinking that their answer lies outside of themselves.

If you’re undertaking a weight loss journey, be kind to yourself, be open to change, and focus on getting everything back in alignment. We need to accept that the results we have now are the product of everything we have been doing up until this point (yes, crash diets, yo-yoing, and all!) so to get a different result, we need to find a new way. Don’t be afraid of change.

How can Fernwood’s online programs help me if nothing has worked before?

First, you need to believe the program you have chosen will be different for you! What has happened in the past is in the past – your future relies on the decisions you make now.

All Fernwood programs combine the three elements we need for successful weight loss – exercise, nutrition, and mindset. They give you nutrition and exercise plans so you don’t need to think about what to eat or how to move and you can really focus on getting your head in the right space.

The mindset tasks help you begin the self reflection process, clear out some of that resistance (we all have some resistance, even if we’re not aware of it!), help you find that ‘click’ and make that breakthrough in your health and fitness you’ve been waiting for.