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School is back, but the stress doesn’t need to be

5 ways for mums to find some me-time


It's that time of year again - the start of a new school year - and that means there are lunches to prepare, drop-offs and pick-ups to organise, sporting and arts commitments and school events. And that’s just this week.

Getting some well-deserved me-time can make the world of difference in your day. And we know all too well that ‘me-time’ when you have kids is somewhat laughable. But please, hear us out. There are a few ways you can create a bit of calm and rejuvenation in this chaotic period, and most of these will only take 5 minutes!

Get sound sleep

The kids are in bed, and you’ve had another long day. Take some quiet time to rest and relax away from screens - enjoy a warm bath or shower, delve into a new book (that novel that has been sitting on the shelf for a while now), or try some night time meditation.

Meditation for your mind

Meditation can bring an abundance of tranquility to your day. You can meditate any time of the day to rest your mind and let stress drift away, even for a couple of minutes. There are multiple apps and websites you can use – Insight Timer is a good one.

Pack an extra lunch for you

When you’re cutting those sandwiches into triangles and slicing up fresh fruit, grab an extra lunch box or container and pack yourself some snacks. It’s important that you make time to eat – often it’s the first thing to drop to the end of the list. If you're stuck for ideas, login to MyFernwood and scroll through the hundreds of recipes available there - exclusive to Fernwood members.

Utilise the Fernwood creche facilities

If you have the kids in tow and you want to hit the gym for a quick session, many Fernwood clubs offer creche facilities so you can exercise while the kids are entertained. You might be surprised how many of our members are mums! Read exercising when you have kids for more workout ideas. 

Remember it’s okay to say no

You do so much already – sometimes the best thing you can do is say no to things that don't serve you well. Thumb through your calendar – that is no doubt exploding – and weed out a few of the optional activities that don't bring you joy.

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