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Choose kindness always, set new heights and reach well above the glass ceiling, motivate and encourage women around you to do the same, fill up your own cup and understand the importance of prioritising yourself – no matter your approach, our intention should always be to empower ourselves, our daughters, mothers, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. To celebrate and congratulate each other, to inspire and excite, to nurture and support, to empower and be empowered. 

As we know, nothing beats the power of women supporting women, so we asked a few inspirational women from our own Fernwood Franchisee community to share what they have learned from other women throughout their lives.

“I have always admired women who can balance work and family. If I am pursuing my goals, my kids are seeing me at my best. I am happy, not feeling empty and don't want them to feel like I have sacrificed. By pursuing my dreams, I am modelling for my kids how to pursue their dreams. Financial independence is very important for a woman. A financially independent woman has the ability to live life on her terms. I think this was the best advice from my mum.”
Guneet Cheema, Narre Warren and Clayton, VIC

“Being a refugee and given the opportunity to explore a new country and create my own dreams, I’ve realised how important it is to make another woman smile. We need to continue empowering other women to be the best version they can be! It’s not about physical size that can make a woman happy, it’s about inner strength, confidence and feeling the support of other sisters around you. I feel blessed every day that I’ve been given the opportunity to work with women every day, learning different cultures, sharing stories and feeling empowered that nothing is impossible! 
MT Nguyen, Preston, VIC

“I come from a long line of women that were independently strong, courageous, intelligent, caring and great community leaders/members. This heritage has taught me that kindness and a sense of humour are important and although we are independently strong, we are also stronger together as a community of caring women. The incredible women that make up my community every day are a constant reminder of the importance of family, friendship, caring community, laughter and that we can face anything together. They help me to be brave and courageous when these qualities are needed and teach me to treasure and celebrate moments because moments can be over too quickly. It is an amazing privilege to be surrounded by so many inspirational women and to be helping them change their lives every day by empowering them to shine.”
Kathie Long, Toowoomba, QLD

“The most powerful thing I have learnt is to trust your instinct and try not to overthink things. Your first impression of a person or reaction to a situation is nearly always correct. When we second guess ourselves and think too much about something we lose that initial gut instinct. Trust yourself, trust your peers and surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and support you. Don’t listen to the negative influences and keep them out of your life; they will drag you down to their level. It’s something I constantly have to remind myself of, trust your instinct. It’s almost always the right choice, and if someone around me is presenting me with problems I will ask ‘what’s the solution?’ Give me solutions not problems.” 
Keirsten Wallace, Mornington, VIC

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