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Monday Member Motivation

“I believe setting small, achievable goals works best," Jessica says.

Setting a fitness goal is a great way to keep motivated on your journey. Goals will vary from person to person - from a pull up to a weighted squat personal best, faster run time or simply getting into the gym for a set amount of sessions per week. 

As a mother of two young boys, Fernwood Fitness Camberwell member Jessica focuses on setting realistic goals for herself, to keep herself both physically active and committed to a healthy lifestyle.

“I believe setting small, achievable goals works best. When you achieve the small goal, it then gives you more confidence to push further and achieve more,” Jessica says. Jessica’s goal for 2020 is to come into the gym three times a week consistently, mixing up her training with weights and cardio. 

Although as women we are always busy, prioritising our physical and mental health can reap benefits that flow into all areas of our lives. 

“My husband and I make a conscious effort to give each other child-free time for ourselves to exercise and socialise, and my family also help out,” Jessica says. Many Fernwood clubs also offer creche services for members.

Always an active person, Jessica continued working out through both of her pregnancies. “I knew I wanted to be fit and healthy, as well as an awesome role model for my boys.” For new mums returning to exercise, Jessica suggests booking in a few sessions with a personal trainer to regain confidence in the gym. 

“My best advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself. You can often feel very isolated as a new mum, so you may benefit from trying a group class for the social aspect, as well as the accountability. Ease your way back in and make sure to have fun along the way!”

With any new fitness goals, remember to make them achievable and celebrate the small wins. Feeling motivated to kick-start your health journey? Read our top tips for fitness success in 2020.

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You can follow Jessica's fitness and motherhood journey via Instagram @byjessicak_

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