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You may have heard of HIIT before – high intensity interval training – and all the benefits it can offer people looking to boost their workout. But have you heard of FIIT30? It’s the 30-minute workout hitting all of your major muscle groups, with the support of a personal trainer in a small group training environment. Sounds amazing, right?!

With competing demands and hectic schedules, many women have difficulty finding time in their busy lives for exercise. Launched by Fernwood Fitness earlier last year, FIIT30 has been designed for women to get fitter, leaner and stronger in just 30 minutes.

These sessions are all about high intensity exercise that delivers a killer full body express workout. If you’re a busy woman who wants to fit in a workout but is pressed for time, then FIIT30 could be for you.

From squats and skipping to kettle bell swings and pumping iron, these HIIT sessions target all of your major muscle groups. Just be sure to stretch and cool down after each session!

Watch this FIIT30 video for even more motivation. 

These sessions are high intensity, but don’t let that put you off. From young mums to retirees, these sessions are attended and enjoyed by women of all ages and fitness levels. Plus, a personal trainer will be there to guide you through the circuit and support you with proper form and technique. 

Many women love the combination of cardio and weights to burn fat, build strength and tone muscles, with the added benefit of being in and out of the gym in under an hour. Every session is different so members can continuously challenge themselves and retain their fitness motivation.

FIIT30 is a paid program available in selected Fernwood Fitness clubs. If you’re looking to turn up the heat in your workout, find out whether your local club offers FIIT30.

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