Christmas gift ideas for fitness lovers Christmas gift ideas for fitness lovers

Haven't written a list yet for Mr. S Clause? Put these items on your list for a fabulously fit start to your new year.

Heart rate monitor

If your New Year’s resolution is to boost your fitness or lose a few kilograms, put a heart rate monitor on your Christmas list! A heart rate monitor won’t just tell you how many beats per minute you’re clocking, it will also let you know exactly how many kilojoules you’re burning. So you’ll know exactly how long you need to stay on the treadmill to work off that slice of plum pudding.

Yoga mat

Nothing will make you stick those warrior poses better than having your very own yoga mat. The options are endless: natural rubber, towel, jute, tatami, custom printed, and travel, even round mats for those who like uninterrupted 360 degree movement. Suss out what you like and put a precise little description on your Santa list for someone to find.

Water bottle

If you’re forking over cash for a bottle of water every time you step inside the gym, you’re not doing your wallet any favours. Ask someone who loves you to buy you a brand new stainless steel or aluminium water bottle – these are the types that don’t leach chemicals, are difficult to crack and break, and keep your water cooler for longer. Your New Year resolutions tastes better already.

Gym bag

The sexier your gym bag, the more you’ll want to carry around your gym clothes! It’s a known fact: pack your gym bag the night before, and you’ll be able to jump out of bed and head to the gym without forgetting something in your morning haze. If you want to start next year on the right side of bed, request a sexy gym bag you can pack and have ready at the foot of your bed for your a.m. workouts.

New workout clothes

While we’re on the subject of toting around a sexy gym bag, let’s talk about overhauling your workout wardrobe. Nothing’s going to make you want to head to the gym more than a hot new pair of workout leggings or brightly coloured runners. Point your not-so-secret Santa in the direction of your favourite women’s apparel store and make next year the hottest workout year yet.

Personal training sessions

“This Christmas I would like… a flatter stomach, tighter butt, and leaner legs.” Well, OK then.

No one can wrap up your dream body and put it under the Christmas tree, but they can help you reach your goals by giving you a series of personal training sessions. PT sessions are no longer the domain of Hollywood actors. If your motivation is waning or you’re struggling to get the results you’ve been working hard for, a series of personal training sessions could be exactly what you need to jump start your results.

Gym membership

If you’re not already a member of Fernwood – now is the time! We have membership options to suit all budgets, starting from fortnightly flexible memberships to 12-month memberships with weekly personal training and food coaching sessions included. Let someone who loves you know how much you love Fernwood – and direct them to our online store to buy you a gift voucher.

A new alarm clock

If you’ve already decided your New Year’s resolution is to start waking up early for morning workouts, make sure you put a funky alarm clock on your Christmas list. Waking up early doesn’t come easy for everyone, but you can make the process a little friendlier if you have an alarm clock that wakes you up with your favourite workout track.

Healthy cooking utensils

Tried poaching eggs without a slotted spoon, rinsing quinoa without a fine-grain sieve, blending a veggie soup without a stick-mixer, or steaming greens minus a steamer basket? Not exactly easy! A healthy kitchen starts with healthy utensils, so use this Christmas as a chance to stock up on all the bits and pieces you need to be able to cook low-fat, high-fibre and waistline-friendly meals.

Boxing gloves

If boxing is your favourite gym activity, ask someone you love to get you your very own pair of boxing gloves. A pair of your own will fit you... ahem... like a glove, and help you take your boxing workout to a whole new level. Sexy arms here you come.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Running should feel free and easy. So if the wires from your tunes are preventing you from getting in the zone, and you’re feeling weighed down and tangled up, use this Christmas as a chance to give them the boot. Point someone who loves you in the direction of bluetooth wireless earbuds, and while you’re at it, why not show them some armbands so you can strap on your device.

A massage

We’re more motivated if we have a goal and a reward to work towards, so why not ask Santa to bring you a massage so you have a reward already in place once you reach your first fitness goal? Bliss!