5 simple tips 5 simple tips

Blogger Anne Fedorowytsch (aka @annefed) shares her advice for getting to the gym when it's freezing outside and you'd much rather be on the couch watching Netflix.

 You’re not alone in your struggle to get moving in the colder months. Here are five simple tips to help you find workout motivation this winter.

1. Be accountable

Commit to a class or regular personal training. If you’ve put your name down and paid for a course, chances are you won’t be skipping out on any sessions. Use this as an opportunity to try something new.

I’m locked into the same time slot with my Fernwood Fitness PT every Friday morning. Our regular one-on-one sessions mean if I flake I know I’m letting her down. I’m proud to say I’ve never chickened out on her, even when I would much rather have stayed in bed.

2. Plan ahead

Now this requires some motivation, but once you get the ball rolling on your good intentions actually following through will be so much easier. Whether it be laying your gym gear out the night before or taking your workout clothes to work, preparing ahead of time will make it harder for you to back out of your plans.

Simply making up my mind to make a trip to the gym after work can often be enough to get me there without flaking. I’m also a fan of just jumping out of bed on my days off and getting straight into my sneakers. It might still take me an hour or two to actually make it to the gym, but knowing I’m ready to rock up makes jumping over that motivational hurdle easier.

3. Watch what you eat

You might assume letting yourself go in winter would act as more of an encouragement to get up and get moving. Just one more Tim Tam becomes two or three as you justify a gym session to make up for your seasonal cravings. I find the opposite to be true, with such ‘treats’ often turning into excuse after excuse.

When I’m eating right, I feel more compelled to capitalise on my healthy habits. Following a day filled with a nutritious breakfast and lunch I’m far more likely to carry that positive feeling of achievement through to an after-hours workout. An indulgent lunch or sweet treat for afternoon tea tends to send me off the rails and I put the day down as a total write-off.

4. Eyes on the prize

This probably goes without saying, but having an end goal in mind can be pivotal to your success. Perhaps it’s a string of spring weddings to attend or you have a beach holiday on the cards. Find a specific goal and circle it in your calendar.

This is a piece of my own advice I know I can implement more. Being vague in my fitness goals has seen me tread water in my progression to becoming a trimmer and more toned version of me. I’m sure we all have those conversations with ourselves every year about finally getting in the shape we’ve always dreamed of. Now, I’m working towards achieving my goal before an overseas holiday next year.

5. All for the #inspo

Do you follow the likes of Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines and Danielle Robertson? These women have all forged successful careers from sharing their workout and wellbeing wisdom on social media.

If your willpower permits viewing a daily dose of all sorts of fitness goals, then by all means give the likes of these ladies a follow. I can’t deny thinking twice about missing a workout when I see what these women have achieved.