3 ways to get out of an exercise rut 3 ways to get out of an exercise rut

If the thought of hitting up the gym one more night this week fills you with dread, you might have found yourself in what we like to call an ‘exercise rut’.

But your workout can – and should – be something you look forward to each day (and not just for those post-workout endorphin feels).

Exercise physiologist Nathan Johnson says the main reason we get stuck in an exercise rut is because motivation starts waning, particularly if you’ve been doing the same program for yonks, or have set unreasonable or uninteresting goals.

“You need to set goals so your workout has a purpose,” advises Johnson. He says goals should have three components: “They have to be attainable, measurable and client-centred.” Client-centred means making sure that the goals are things that interest you and involve exercises you enjoy, rather than following a one-size-fits-all exercise prescription.

“An exercise physiologist or personal trainer can help you with these core elements of a goal,” Johnson says and adds “You need to stop thinking of exercise as traditional exercise. Working out doesn’t need to mean running – it could be dancing – so learn to think outside the box.”

Signs of a workout rut include:

A lack of interest in your workout.

Ditching or cutting your workout short.

Doing the same old routine.

Standing in the same position in each class or using the same bike/treadmill/stepper.

Climb out of an exercise rut by:

Trying something new. A new gym class or a new piece of equipment.

Booking a session with a Fernwood Personal Trainer. A personal trainer can introduce you to new workout styles and inspire you to take a whole different approach to your training.

Downloading an app or joining one of Fernwood's online programs to help with your motivation and keep you on track with your exercise goals.

Keeping a diary of how you feel after each exercise session. This will help you see patterns in your workout such as if you’re getting bored or it isn’t challenging enough for you.

Enlisting a friend to exercise with so you’re accountable to them too.

Talk to your local Fernwood about bringing along a friend for free… it might be just the motivation you need to rise out of that exercise rut!