3 reasons to use the Tabata training method 3 reasons to use the Tabata training method

After reading this, we’re totally sold on Tabata training. Bring it on!

You may have heard the word Tabata being thrown around at the gym. It's a type of training, and here's three reasons why you'll want to know more about it.

1. Save time

One big reason (or excuse!) for people not exercising is because they don’t have the time. Well the Tabata workout can be literally done 11 minutes, including warm up and cool down. Yes you read correctly, 11 minutes in total! After a five minute warm up, the Tabata is a four minute session consisting of eight intervals of which you exercise at a very high intensity for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds rest. This is then followed by a two minute cool down. Surely there's time for that?

2. Increase your metabolism

Being such a high intensity form of training, Tabata allows you to get your heart rate up much quicker than going for a 40 minute jog. This intensity means your body is trying to work much harder to keep up, causing your heart to pump faster and your metabolism to rise. If done properly, the Tabata form of training can increase your metabolism and will keep your body burning calories long after you’ve finished the workout.

3. More efficient for weight loss

If there were a way to get better fat-reduction results in a shorter amount of time, would you want to know about it? Well Tabata is it. Because of the short bursts of high intensity exercise, the metabolism becomes exhausted and continues to use more fat and stored energy than normal for hours after the workout ends. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.